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Power to the Beetle
It seems as if the VW Beetle is immortal. Fans around the world adore this little bug. And we celebrate one of the most successful automobiles in history as a spectacular rally car: the rear always hanging out, the boxer engine emitting its unmistakable roar. Naturally the Salzburg Käfer takes centre stage. In the sixties and seventies, the Salzburg-based VW importer campaigned the Beetle at the highest sporting levels. And the competition – more often than not with significantly more powerful engines – were stunned “that you could turn a beetle into a really nasty animal”, as Gerhard Strasser, Salzburg’s race director, said with a grin on his face. This movie is all about the Salzburg Beetle’s rally heydays – how it all began and what happened to the works cars after the curtain fell in Salzburg when the 1973 “energy crisis” hit.

Power to the Beetle

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