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Rohrl’s Cat
Walter Röhrl is without doubt one of the most fascinating characters ever seen in motorsport. No, Röhrl’s Cat is not a movie about a pet. We chose the title because some years ago a three-coloured cat named Lisa turned up out of the blue at Walter and his wife Monica’s home in Bavaria and proceeded to completely re-organize the rhythm of the couple’s life. Walter immediately fell in love with his little furry friend. With this family idyll as a starting point, the movie embarks on a fascinating journey through Walter Röhrl’s extraordinary rallying career. The movie has it all: the very early days with private Fiats and Porsches, the furious rides in the Ford Capri, Fiat, Opel, Lancia, Audi, Pikes Peak. Plus re-enacted anecdotes that have become legendary – when Röhrl and Geistdörfer took an unintentional detour at the 1978 San Remo Rally, rolling the Fiat 131 over the roof of a farmhouse to land in the courtyard amongst some seriously startled livestock. Or see Röhrl’s legendary beginnings as the chauffeur in the service of the Bishop of Regensburg. As usual I’ve put in a lot of time, care, love and money into the making of my movie. “Röhrls Katze” runs over 90 fascinating and entertaining minutes with Walter Röhrl, Christian Geistdörfer and their driver colleagues from the wildest years of rallying… with Lisa, naturally, playing the supporting role. An added bonus: With the movie comes a DVD featuring onboard material from the 1985 shooting of an Audi movie that was never shown before, plus aerial images of the Audi S1 at Austria’s Semperit Rally and of the Sport Quattro rocking New Zealand in 1985. Plus loads of anecdotes told by Walter himself which were cut from the movie simply because of the sheer mass of material.   

Rohrl’s Cat

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